Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
These patterns have been developed locally for Vancouver Island and interior British Columbia fishing. We have tied and fished most of these patterns ourselves.  Join our Wednesday evening fly tying sessions from 7:00 - 9:00 and try some of these out with us!
Sea Run Cutthroat Flies
Alevin 7/6/2014
This is an alevin or fry pattern (without the egg sac) for spring fishing in local rivers, streams and estuaries.
Alevin 2 9/30/2021
Another Alevin. This one is my favourite because it's just so darn pretty! Hopefully the fish will like it too.
Chum Fry 7/6/2014
Gold Bead Muddler 6/12/2020
This fly works well for sea-run cutthroat in the estuary as well as for trout on the lakes. The pattern originated with Tom McConnell.
Minnow Pattern for Sea Run Cutthroat 10/21/2014
Ted taught us this one at our Intermediate tying class. Nice looking little streamer
Needlefish 1 7/6/2014
We observed large schools of needlefish while beach fishing for sea-run cutthroat in July and again in September watched coho feeding on needlefish. Here is our version of a needlefish pattern.
Needlefish 2 7/6/2014
This pattern is based on a fly I found on the beach at Salmon Point this summer. Ted added the underwing and flash lateral line to develop this pattern. Use the smaller hook sizes for sea-run cutthroat and the larger hook for coho salmon.
Pink/Grey Shrimp 7/6/2014
This is a Searun Cutthroat pattern in the smaller size and an excellent fly for Pink Salmon in the size 8.
Skagit Minnow 3/28/2018
Skagit Minnow from Les Johnson’s “Fly Fishing Coastal Cutthroat”
Skykomish Yellow 3/28/2018
from Les Johnson’s book “Sea Run Cutthroat” Ted’s Version
Ultra Alevin 3/15/2016
Great Spring fly for cutthroat especially in the river. This is easy to tie and is a great imitation of a newly hatched alevin (salmon fry).